Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tips & cooking substitutes for the lactose-intolerant newbie!

If you are new to the lactose-free lifestyle, you may be overwhelmed with questions about managing this lifestyle change. Lactose is the sugar naturally found in milk. For lactose-tolerant peeps, milk is fully digested in the intestines where lactose is broken down by the lactase enzyme and absorbed into the blood stream. If your intestines do not produce enough of the lactase enzyme, you may have a problem digesting milk or anything else containing lactose. It is important to remember that you are not alone - lactose intolerance affects 30 to 50 million Americans. The most important thing to remember as a lactose-intolerant is to always, always ask questions.

Be careful of the “non-dairy” label & whey
A "Non-Dairy" label is not a fail-proof way of determining that the product is lactose free. "Non-Dairy" often just means the milk fat has been replaced by a vegetable fat. These products may contain other ingredients, such as whey, which contain lactose.

Cooking Tips
Cooking can sometimes be difficult with lactose intolerance. This why we, the Lactose Free Ladies, aim to provide you with at least one new recipe per week. You can also modify your own favorite recipes by using the below tips, courtesy of Wegman’s.

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