Thursday, November 10, 2011

Safe Cheeses

As a cheese-lover, I hate being lactose-intolerant. While only mildly so, I have my days. But put a nice cheese platter in front of me and I simply can’t resist!

Luckily for you lactose-intolerant cheese-lovers like me, there’s a solution. A
tip to remember is that the harder the cheese the less lactose in it, with many options having trace to no lactose.

Traditionally made hard cheeses and soft ripened cheeses are the most tolerable. The longer it is aged also reduces the lactose

Safe Cheeses:
Goat cheese is a soft cheese has very little whey, which is the trigger for lactose intolerance.
Cheddar (trace or none)
Feta (only if made from goat or sheep’s milk)

Softer more risky cheeses: Ricotta, Buttermilk, Cottage cheese, Mascarpone

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